The basic task of estimating real estate is to determine in a correct, rapid and efficient manner the condition of the buildings in which the applicants reside are required for the assessment of real estate and that based on the defined status of the building determines the value of the basis for the allocation of housing loan for each applicant.

Based on various configurations, an expert system – a circuitry method is defined, which defines the value of a building in a simple and efficient way. By means of this method, each building is distributed to the selected number of constituent elements. The value is determined for each of the constituent elements. By defining the participation of each element in the building and its values ​​defined by the market value of the elements required to perform this element, the value of the building is determined. Then other parameters that affect the value of the property are taken into consideration.

At the end of this methodology is the correct and effective value of the entire property, which is the basic task of determining the value of a large number of real estate in the shortest possible time.